Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I visited my parents a few weeks ago, and found this *gem* of a book.  If you saw this link about "mormon food", you know that most Utah mormons have at least fifteen Jello recipes!  I couldn't find a date on this book, I believe it's from the late 1960s.

My Mom did make jello (gelatin) when I was growing up - but I don't think she's made jello for at least fifteen years. And never with shredded carrots or tuna. 

the cover - obviously, it's been around for awhile

The history of jello

Dream Cake! This is a mix cake with gelatin added in. I do remember having cake with gelatin. It makes the cake taste more spongey.

Jello with fruit in fluted glasses

And now the best part of the book, vegetables and jello!

This is a photo of the avacado and strawberry ring recipe.

 You didn't think meat and jello mixed - but you were wrong!!

 Lime jello with tuna.

Carrots and pineapple in this salad.  I do remember seeing the dish at ward pitch ins (not with the fancy mold, however).

Rainbow jello!

I think this is how this book ended up at our home, my Mom probably saved some proof of purchase labels and sent them in for the free recipe guide.

This is the back cover


Kathryn said...

Surely somewhere a Sociology PhD candidate has done a thesis on the relationship between Mormonism and Jello. How interesting.

C. L. Hanson said...

lol, what a gem!! A fabulous piece of history! ;^)

Anonymous said...

I have vague memories of eating jelly salad as a kid and thought was imagined. Maybe it was real. I am thinking it was a ploy to get kids to eat vegetables but I am afraid to try it now.

laura said...

Wow. Just wow. My decidedly not Mormon mother made jello dish that involved pickles. My grandmother claims it was wonderful, but ugh. An entire cookbook though--that's really something.

Freckle Face Girl said...

:) Jello & mormons always go hand-in-hand, but I have avoided the stuff since I was 14... rebel!

When I was 17, I was over at a friend's house in Texas (non-Mormon) she started raving about a salad her mom made. She went on & on and decided we should eat some. Guess was a typical jello/cool whip/canned fruit mix. I couldn't believe her excitement.... Blah!