Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Arrested Development

This is a protest sign from the Huffington Post.  Sure people had lots of high expectations for Obama before he was president, but I think bringing back a television show was a bit beyond even his reach....
They've been airing/re-running the tv show "Arrested Development" on IFC and it's hysterical.  Have I mentioned recently how much I love DVR?  I really like being able to record tv so easily.  I remember the days of programming VCRs and it was no fun - if I ever figured it out...)

Arrested Development was a show that was overlooked by all the focus on reality shows a few years back. 

It's  not really a "one liner" comedy show - it has more situational comedy (satire). How did I miss this show the first time around??

And the characters are amazingly dysfunctional - in all senses of the word.  I particularly like the father of the clan (George Bluth) and his pot-smoking, hippie identical twin brother Oscar (played by Jeffrey Tambor).  One of the father's accused crimes was selling homes to Saddam Hussein (despite the sanctions) - in one tv news cast they're showing the inside of one of the homes...the main character realizes that it's the same type of development his company has been building.  

Or Michael's older brother Gob (pronounced "Job") played by Will Arnett - a magician/con-artist whose magic trick to escape from his father's coffin didn't work so well. (Gob falls into the grave through the trapdoor in the back of the coffin)...

So, it's highly recommended - if you appreciate dysfunctional family humor.  It's difficult to summarize in a blog post - but definitely worth checking out.

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Freckle Face Girl said...

Sounds like a show I would love!