Friday, January 18, 2008

Adult conversation

Having active two year olds limits one's conversational skills - if they existed in the first place.

We had dinner at a friend's home a few weeks ago. They have a two year old, around six months younger than Goose and Noggin. They invited two other couples, mutual friends - without children. I didn't realize it was going to be so formal - I'm used to people carrying around plates - noshing a bit while following their toddlers in and out of rooms.

It was nice - but clear that it was more of a dinner party than a gathering focused on two year olds. The table was set - with real napkins. There was even a separate room and table for the young ones.

At one point, the other mom turned to me and mentioned that we might want to have a separate play date. We were in the midst of preventing her son from playing with the glass doors (and showing my two how exciting that could be). Her reasoning? because another mom typically understands why you would stop in the middle of a conversation to talk to a toddler and then forget what you were talking about.

I don't feel we were being exclusionary. Perhaps we were.

Honestly - I'm all for adult conversation. Conversation where I'm not interrupted every two seconds asking for water, a train or figuring out who needs to "share". I feel planning gatherings around either the adults or the young people is just polite to all. It takes into account both groups of people and their respective interests and needs.

My two year olds? Not interested in discussing the election or the current president. Not interested in discussing handmade/sweat shop free clothing. And our other friends? Not really interested in potty training strategies, moving to beds or what color Gordon the tank engine is (he's blue).

I'm sure we'll attempt other gatherings - the mixing of friends with kids and without is great - it's just that sometimes it's okay to make one or the other a priority.

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Freckle Face Girl said...

Good point, one that I haven't thought of for a few months. I guess since I moved here everyone I know has kids that are 6 years old & younger so all conversations about kids or are subject to interruptions.