Saturday, June 25, 2011


A handful of friends of mine are going through some challenges at the moment.  Weddings, pregnancy and break -ups, to be specific.  I have to admit, going through each of those things have been some of the hardest challenges I've faced in life so far. 

I've discussed some of my experiences here before, but not really how difficult things were during these specific rough times.  Some of the feelings like the raw disappointment and despair when my first boyfriend broke up with me are gone, long gone.  They were very real while I was going through them, but life moves on.  I've had so many other beautiful, maddening, insane experiences since's hard to remember exactly how I was feeling without the haze of time.

All this is to say, I have a strong belief that each person has the ability to figure out their own problems.  It is within them.  If the answer is not within them, they have the ability to ask for help.

This is a different reaction for me than my nature.  Typically I am the type of person who will tell you what to do with your life.  I've realized how smug and arrogant that can be. I've also realized that I simply don't have all the information and never will about another person's life. 

I don't know what's right for them.  I can't know what's right for someone else.  The only person I can hope to understand is me.

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Freckle Face Girl said...

You are very level headed and a deep thinker. Sometimes friends just need a sounding board or a devil's advocate to help them analyze their different options from many angles. I'm sure you are great at that.