Thursday, May 7, 2009

Better left unsaid

I read something the other day that mentioned that some things are better left unsaid. That can be heresy in today's culture, where everyone is encouraged to share their feelings and secrets.

And that sharing I agree can be very healthy and freeing. I've discussed two examples here of family secrets that were definitely NOT useful for the families.

But in intimate relationships, complete stark honesty is not always useful. The example in the book I read was a husband who said "I think you're really attractive, but I'm also really attracted to your sister".

I chuckled about the example, as one of my ex-boyfriends did EXACTLY that. Granted, he and I weren't dating at the time, but still.

It's a great example of something better left unsaid.

(P.S. The line is very difficult to draw. The line where someone remains honest and open while not being hurtful. Any guidance or suggestions, or examples of sharing that clearly crossed the line are welcome in the comments).

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