Friday, May 8, 2009


Asking why is not always useful.

That's my thought for today. Specifically, why someone may suffer from a specific disease/illness. Genetic research might help, but in the end, for some things there is just not an easy answer.

I've talked before about the illusion of choice here, how there were all sorts of things that were pre-determined for me before I was born. And then the community I grew up in, the schools I went to, experiences I've had. All have shaped my attitudes and how I got to this exact place.

It must be acceptance - the notion of accepting things I have no control over (like my genetics). This can be very difficult for a person. But I believe once we accept certain things, like having high cholesterol or suffering from depression; we can begin to move on.

I've talked about comparing relationship and life decisions to poker hands before here. **

There is a reason that the phrase " the luck of the draw" exists. Some people get a "good"/workable set of cards and others don't. That's just life.

A person can spend all their energy trying to figure out why they were dealt certain set of cards. But at some point, all any of us can do is to accept what is and move on. It's saying "I'm at point x. So what can I do with what I have?"

For some people, it takes longer than others.

**The amusing thing is, when the cards have played out, the jack/nine I had didn't work. It was almost a hand of three three's instead. But I'm still employed two years later, which is what matters.

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