Monday, December 22, 2008

we made it!

Well, it's the end of December and I'm still employed! Yay! There was a point where I thought it might not be possible.

I need to remember that life is too short to waste time worrying - dwelling on what might be. Many other people have not been as fortunate, and who can say what will happen in the coming year. I'm determined to do the best I can, keep my head down BUT keep my eyes open. How's that for a laundry list of cliches?

I also need to remember to breathe - usually when things were going well, that's when the other shoe would drop. I would spend my time waiting for the other shoe to fall. A good friend of mine once told me - aerin, you could survive anything - when are you going to stop and enjoy life?


laura said...

All good points, although I find myself mostly reminded of the Shoe of Damocles, which was an old shoe someone found once and hung from the ceiling of the patrol office in college. During my time there, someone stuffed condoms into it, so I guess at least it was using protection.

Anyway, yeah, this year has tried to knock a number of people I care about down, but so far they've all gotten up again.

Anonymous said...

Having gone through many periods of job loss, you make it through. And it's not as hard to make it through as you would think.

So, if you lost your job, it's not the end of anything. And you CANNOT control it. So just keep moving forward and enjoy what you have TODAY. :)

Freckle Face Girl said...

Great advice. I'm glad you still have a job. I know you would be fine, but it sure makes life easier.

Aerin said...

Thanks Laura - I think I remember seeing that shoe. Getting up again is all we can do, isn't it??

Hey SN - I have been unemployed for awhile before - thankfully I was able to find a job, even a better job than the one before. It's one of those things that really terrifies me - despite being a competant and hard working employee.

FFG - that is so true! It makes everything so much easier.