Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Should old acquaintence....

2007 was quite a year.

In professional life, my company's stock dropped. A lot. I had two managers leave, one who left in April, one in November. Needless to say, I've started a half hearted job search. Basically, I like the benefits where I work - and it has some perks. I transferred onto a new team, which should be a little more challenging (and possibly good for my career). I might not be able to spend so much time blogging (gasp).

In my personal life, we joined a gym! I've been working out on a regular basis. I've also been reading quite a bit. It's easy to read while on the recombinant bike at the gym. I've also been knitting - I may post some of my creations at some point.

It has been a difficult year for me and many people that I love. I certainly intend to continue our sphere of serenity and to maintain boundaries. We'll see how well that works!

My kids started preschool. They are running, jumping and speaking in sentences. They got way too many toys for Christmas, and there are still a few more we haven't opened yet.

My goals for 2008?

-To try to not please everyone - to accept that this is not possible (still, really hard for me). Particularly the people in my family. To just do the best I can and let people know that's what I can do.

-To hang out more with friends and carve out time for myself. This too is very difficult, with twin two and a half year olds and a husband in a band.

I've certainly enjoyed blogging. I do prefer the anonymous nature of this blog. I feel free to make statements that I wouldn't if I knew my boss or a future employer could google my name and associate them with me. Or former classmates/ex-boyfriends, etc. Blogging is incredibly public. Those who blog and post photos with their real names I find amazingly brave.

Obviously, I've told people I know about this space - but typically they are friends who are more likely to understand where I'm coming from. In the newspaper, I see articles about new HR departments who check potential employees myspace accounts and other hits. Sad to say, although I work in IT, I still work in a fairly conservative place, and will for some time to come.


laura said...

Since I had a rather public life on the web already--I posted with some frequency to several public listservs, and I wrote a column that was online--I have a very open public website, because that way it's the first thing that pops up in a Google search, and I like to think that gives me some control over how I come across (and in some cases I put my website on my resume--which reminds me that the resume on my website is appallingly out of date).

I may be fooling myself in all this, but so far it hasn't been a problem. I understand and respect those who wish to remain more anonymous.

Aerin said...

Thanks - I'm still a little in awe of you and others (although I think you already know that!) I too am glad that it hasn't been a problem so far.

I hope the best for you (and everyone) in 2008!

laura said...

Thanks! And a happy new year to you, too!