Monday, January 14, 2008

Car pool

Scott Adams' (of Dilbert fame) carpool idea - just wanted to link to this - I would be up for a carpooling credit system if someone else started it!

Last week I started car pooling one day a week to work.

Believe it or not, carpooling is actually not as simple for some of us as it would seem. I run a lot of errands over my lunch break. In fact, I did a vast majority of my Christmas shopping during my lunch break. I don't work within walking distance of a store - or even a restaurant other than my company's cafeteria. I really can't stand eating in the company's cafeteria - so after eight hours at my desk (with some breaks) I'm about to go a little nuts.

If I want to leave the building for lunch, I have a doctor's appointment or need to run errands (to stay sane) - I need to have ready access to my own car.

I also need to have fairly stable hours. When I first started with my current company, my hours were all over the place. I was taking a class at 4:00 pm, leaving work at 3, coming back at 6 to work for another two hours or so. Thank goodness, that trend has ended. I rarely work overtime in the office now. Except for the two/three busy seasons per year, I have a typical schedule.

So in order to car pool, I would need to find someone who lives near me, who works near where I work, whom I get along with - or who will (at the least) listen to npr with me. Who would also need to leave for work (and return) around the same time. And someone who is willing to do a one or two day a week carpool thing - instead of every day per week. Believe it or not, those are quite a few requirements - and it takes a great deal to meet all of them.

We've only just started, and I think last week I put my foot in my mouth spouting off my opinions about teenage pregnancy (doh) (not that anyone who knows me is surprised by this) - but I think it might work out.

Not only will we be saving gas money (it was over $3 per gallon last week) but also saving the environment as well. If we're lucky, we may be able to work out a two day a week thing. The gentleman I'm carpooling with is in a local band - but he also works in the server operations department of my company - notorious for unpredictable schedules. He has a beard (like my husband) and they get along great (a plus for him).

I will keep everyone updated if it works out!


C. L. Hanson said...

Wow, good for you!!!

I think you're right that carpooling is a lot more challenging than driving your own car or than even taking public transportation. On top of all the requirements you mention, any change or interruption in your routine inconveniences the other person and vice-versa. So it's a problem if your boss needs you to work late occasionally (or even exceptionally to finish up one important thing), or if you (or the other person) just happens to be running late, etc.

Not to discourage you or anything -- it's good to make something like this a priority in spite of the inconvenience, and I hope it goes well!!! :D

Aerin said...

chanson - it's true! That's why it's been difficult to find a match of any variety. But - there is no public transportation to get where I work. Thanks for the well wishes.

Freckle Face Girl said...

Good luck! I also agree that it is difficult. You hit every reason I would have listed. :)