Thursday, January 10, 2008

And in the midst of it all, life happens

I have been planning to write a little about how odd life can be.

And how I believe some things happen for a reason, but that reason doesn't have to be due to God. Or to have an opportunity to share the gospel or strengthen my testimony. Maybe just to learn something about myself, how I respond a situation. Perhaps to appreciate life more - what I have.

With that said, it's hard to say that some tragedies happen for a reason - some are just devastating to a person and family.

But, in the same vein, not everything happens for a reason - like when my car was totaled a week after I bought a brand new tire. $100 - used for a week - no real reason (that I can surmise) for that. (This was eight years ago, but I'm still a little perplexed by it. Sometimes it's clear that shit just happens).

Yet - life has been kicking my ass lately. Not in a bad way - it's just hectic. I think my son has pink eye. His eye looked a little pink, but I decided to try and possibly take him to the local storytime anyway. On the way, we stopped by the pharmacy. I asked the pharmacists what they thought - and in the florescent light - I realized, yup, that looks like goop on my son's eye. He's completely contagious. The pharmacist agreed that we would probably need to take him to the doctor.

So - I get to drive my son home, instead of to the library. He's really upset and disappointed. How do you explain to a two and a half year old that they are sick, contagious and will get other people sick? It's a difficult concept to master - when my son is thinking - I want to go out, play with the puzzles at the library and listen to stories. It's what we do on Thursday nights.

And my new job is going great - but is really taking up a lot of time. So - much less time to blog - which could be a good thing I think. By the time I get home, possibly go to the gym, the kids get to bed, miscellaneous chores are completed - I'm ready to pass out.


Freckle Face Girl said...

I think about the "everything happens for a reason" thing all the time too. Sometimes I wonder if I should have cosmic insight into why I do the things I do based on what the action is supposed to lead up to (like why you bought the tire when the car clearly was not going to need it). Looking ahead doesn't work too well with the concept, only looking back.

laura said...

I somehow missed that you got a new job, but I hope it's satisfying, or at least lucrative.

Since one of my projects for this year is "write more bloggy stuff about my life," perhaps you'll just have to say that I'm blogging for you, in the way that I tell my mom and grandmother that you and another friend of mine are having children for me.

Aerin said...

Thanks FFG - there are just some things it's too difficult to say they happen for a reason. Most things, yes, I feel you can say that about. It's true - it's looking back that you say "why did that happen?". I try not to have regrets - but sometimes it's easier than others.

Laura - it's not really a new job, I transferred in the department to something more technical and challenging. I still work for the same company - and even the same higher up bosses. No pay raise - yet. But if I can do this new job successfully, if I decide to go somewhere else, I may make a little more money. Thanks. I saw that was one of your projects - which I think is great.

I think your Mom and Grandmother are fabulous btw. Last time we visited your grandmother, she had this great game out for my two - where they put spools of thread in an old juice container. She had obviously thought about what they would enjoy and things she had around the house.

Many people might disagree with the "It takes a village" concept - but for me, I feel that the more people who care about children - regardles of relationship - the better.

Dayngr said...

Surfed over via FFG and have to say I'm glad I did. Great reading your blog!

Aerin said...

Thanks Dayngr - welcome!