Friday, August 1, 2014


For a long time, I thought I looked the most like this great great grandmother - taken in 1903.
Great Great Grandmother 1

Great Grandmother 2
Or maybe this  great grandmother (the one who famously believed that you could line up righteous LDS women and righteous LDS men and have a successful marriage).

 Great Great grandmother 3
me, old fashioned

Yesterday we went to an exhibit where they take a current  photo of you and you can photoshop it into old fashioned clothing/poses.

I know the scanned photos are grainy, but when I look at it, I think I look the most like great - great grandmother number 3.  At least I think I have her eyes.  It's really pretty amazing that I have photos (copies) of all these women, and have some idea of what their lives are like.

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Freckle Face Girl said...

That is wonderful to have a special link to the past. Your ancestors look loving and approachable. Mine seem hard and wrinkled. ;)