Monday, April 4, 2011

Life is Good

My brother (hi!) asked me how I was doing, mentioned that I haven't been updating this blog recently. 

That's because I've been off having adventures.  It's finally warm enough to venture outside, with proper attire.

Also, because my two have discovered the joy of internet gaming, so the limited time I would have had on a computer is now even more scarce.

But in general, life is good.  Each day/week/month has its ups and downs (that's life, right?)

Some things that have been going on:
-The kids have been on spring break, spending a lot of time with my in laws.  I miss them a lot, but also value the time to myself.
-I cleaned out my car, so I could actually drive co-workers around for lunch.  I am savoring the small victories.  
-We had people over last weekend, complete with a fire in the backyard.  I am still amazed the people will show up at our house and bring pot luck type dishes - and that the gatherings work so well. 
-My husband and I had peking duck at a local restaurant. 
-I'm trying to make house renovation plans and summer vacation plans.  They are both more difficult and time consuming than one would think.
 -I'm just taking more ownership of various things in my life. That is a post for another time. 
-I'm looking forward to seeing Sucker Punch- see the Hathor Legacy review here.
-Through it all, I'm trying to stay in the present and be mindful of who I am responsible for. Some days it works better than others.

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