Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Four Years; Still semi-anonymous

I'm not generally one for blog navel-gazing, but  I wanted to mark this milestone.  I spent four years in high school and college, and this period of time seemed to go much faster. Time moved slowly then.  I think it does when one is not completely in charge.  With more choice and opportunity comes less boredom and time for reflection. This, by the way, is a photo of me in a globe in a local garden. 

So in the past four years, what have I realized?  I still have no answers.  But the past four years have also been a time of profound change(s) for me; much like those years in high school and college.  Some good changes, some not so good - but on the whole, life is pretty sweet.

Thanks for hanging around with me and sharing your comments.

I still really like this medium, and plan on keeping it up for the time being.

I stand by my decision to remain semi-anonymous - to share this space with some people, but without my real name.  I have no desire to have my writing come up as the first search when my legal name is googled, for potential employers or sixth grade acquaintances.   If you have stumbled here from various places, welcome.  I simply didn't want to send an e-mail announcing this space four years ago, and I find I still like the way this works now.  I suppose I'll change  when this stops working.


Holly said...

Happy anniversary!

Freckle Face Girl said...

I think you are pretty anonymous. Of course, I haven't tried to cyber stalk you though. By the way, You have a great blog.

Stella said...

That is a milestone indeed. xoxox