Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Random flowers

I'm still taking photos of random flowers. It's the beauty (or curse, depending on who you talk to) of digital cameras.

First up we have these blue flowers:

Ever wonder about those combination wildflower seed packets? These are what grew from one of such packets in our yard.

Next up we have these pink flowers:

The great story about these is that they were a gift to my mother in law for mother's day from my father in law's church. She knew my daughter would prefer them and that they might survive in our garden. She was right (surprisingly) - it's now September and they are still going strong.

For the record, I heard about a church that started donating all the money for mother's day that they would have spent on flowers to a women's shelter. I think it was a wonderful idea. Tradition and ceremony have their place. But there are also quite a few people who could be helped on a holiday like mother's day.

Then a rose from one day we went to the zoo:

Finally, a zinnia from a botanical garden:

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