Wednesday, June 17, 2009

only the good news

News sources are fascinating to me.

Major media outlets seem to focus only on crisis - what sells papers. And - it turns out that crisis doesn't even sell newspapers any longer. Maybe we're still on an economic downturn, but we're not in the soup lines yet. Well, not 25% of us...which I thought I remember someone predicting. (this reminds me of the tag - everyone panic - yeah, the media can sometimes feed that anxiety).

On the other hand, the public media does a tremendous service by holding institutions accountable. It's that whole boundary thing - if you know that your moves could be on the front page of some newspaper or internet news website, you tend to be a little more careful about the job that you do/decisions you make.

Then, on the flip side, there is my family (particularly extended family). I've purposefully kept myself out of the loop on some things for some time.

But I'm always fascinated by the need to focus on the good news only. As if only good things happened to all of us. As if there wasn't a lot that many of us struggle with on a daily basis. (I forgot, I wouldn't be struggling with anything if I were still mormon, LOL).

I'm not saying everyone's laundry needs to be broadcast with people you haven't seen in five years, but someone having a child? Whether or not they are married? I think that is a celebration, something to be celebrated if the person feels that way.

Who cares whether or not that person is or is not mormon. Whether or not that child is BIC (born in the covenant, i.e., born to mormon temple going parents).

Not sure why I'm struggling with this at the moment - in my heart I know it's business as usual for certain members of the family. I need to accept it and move on.

I guess I'm just saying, it's not fair that we only want to talk about what we understand, process the data that fits in with our beliefs and understanding.

So much is outside of my own understanding.

So I'll work (more) on minding my own business and showing people support where I can (hello random extended family members if you've stumbled on this blog!).

I get that life isn't always sweetness and roses. We all have our different ways to find happiness. And wherever we are currently, this too shall pass - it's a cliche but life is bittersweet. Often.


Freckle Face Girl said...

Some times it is nice to only hear the good news, but families are funny about what they spread. When my very young cousin had a baby 6 months after getting married, my grandma went around telling everyone that it was pre-mature (never minding that the baby weighed 8.5 lbs).

I just realized that I always leave weird comments on your blog. You seem to spark something in my bizarre brain.

Aerin said...

FFG - that's exactly the type of thing I was talking about. Sounds like you understood this post loud and clear! And I don't think you leave weird comments. I always appreciate your comments!