Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm not tan

I realized last night at my pilates class, I'm one of the few people who doesn't tan. Most everyone (including the instructor) have this healthy glow.

I couldn't say if these were tans from sitting on the side of a pool OR fake tanner.

I don't tan well. I get sunburned really easily. It's the Norwegian/British Isles in me. The worst sunburn I got was when I got the *brilliant* idea to try and tan a week before my wedding. That was a genius moment, let me tell you.

And not only that, there's a history of skin problems in my family. My dad has had at least two problem moles removed.

There are simply times that I realize I would have gotten along much better in different times of history and fashion. Tanning is one of those trends.

So for the moment, I'll stay with my youthful, pale self. And maybe I'll avoid some of the skin problems as I get older.

It could be one of those "I'll regret" things, but I'm willing to take that chance.


carrie said...

i'm not much of a tanner, either. sometimes i burn, but sometimes not. mostly, it's something i don't have the time or desire to "work on" (laying out, tanning bed, etc.). i'll often get a farmer's tan just from being outside, but those lines are almost worse than being plain old pale.

also, i wear 30 SPF moisturizer on my face every day. i look at my 18-21 year old students who have year-round tans and think "when you're 30, you'll look 40 and i bet you'll think that's way worse than being a little pasty-looking at 20." then i feel a little smug.

despite all of this, i also often long for that "healthy glow" anyway. blah.

C. L. Hanson said...

I usually tan pretty easily, but I try to stay out of the sun since tanning isn't really good for your skin.

I especially try to keep my son Nico out of the sun -- he really doesn't tan. Have a look at this picture I just posted. But with the new vampire trend, this look may be coming back into style. ;^)

Aerin said...

Carrie - for me, time is also a big factor.

chanson - I saw that post - I think he's a cutie!