Wednesday, April 8, 2009


One of my all time favorite breakfast foods is cracked wheat. It must be the Ukrainian in me. I was shocked, while in Russia, to find this dish called something else (kasha). From what my host family said, there are five different types of kasha (which wikipedia supports). I knew about wheat, corn and oats, but not the others.

Cracked wheat is pretty much like mainlining fiber.

My parents had lots of wheat lying around, so they would use a home grinder to make flour (or cracked wheat). You can also buy pre-cracked wheat packaged at most grocery stores here in the states (I've been able to find it there).

The worst part about it is that it takes around twenty minutes to cook, which is around nineteen minutes and thirty seconds too long for me in the mornings. Like oatmeal, it can also be messy.

You can add honey or jam (with cream) but I prefer plain old granulated sugar and milk.

Not sure why I was thinking about cracked wheat or kasha this morning, but I was. Now I'm wondering if my kids would try it.

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Freckle Face Girl said...

My grandmother used to make that for us too & I loved it. I haven't thought about it or had it for about 20 years. HMMM...
that is something I should think about adding to the grocery list.