Sunday, January 4, 2009

Box full of letters

I take my bills in my laptop bag to work - as I take lots of things with me to work. I pay my bills online (which, by the way, works wonderfully and saves lots of time, stamps and checks).

My daughter (goose) loves a story about a girl who throws a princess party for all her friends. She makes invitations, they dress up and eat cookies. Anyway, she has been pretending to write for some months now. She has even figured out where the envelopes are, and asks her dad or me to put her invitations in envelopes.

The other day, I opened my bag at work and saw lots of envelopes. It was right before the holiday, so I was a bit shocked to think that we had lots of bills that I didn't know about or hadn't paid (which has actually happened before with some small doctor co-pay type of bills).

As I looked closer, I realized that the envelopes were not, in fact, bills. They each had names on them. Grandma, Grandpa, Marie, Leah, etc. Yes, my gifted daughter had put two and two together. She realized that mail usually ended up in my laptop bag and would find its way to the post office. I think she was hoping that these invites would sneak under the radar.

PS. We do plan on having a bona fide princess party with one or two friends in the near future - more than that would be too much for me at this point.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful story, the party should be fun. Unfortunately the art of letter writing is fading fast from my life. My poor kids only know of the Postie delivering bills or packages from online shopping. I need to start using real mail again so the kids can learn the excitement of opening a real letter.

Freckle Face Girl said...

How sweet!

Aerin said...

Thanks relish! We'll see how a party goes...I used to write more letters but that has really decreased in the past 15 years....

Thanks FFG!