Tuesday, January 20, 2009

And miles to go

Yesterday was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. day. I'm not going to talk about the signifcance of Rev. King, his amazing message or ability to inspire non violent resistence.

And as an aside, we were not able to get out and volunteer as a family. One of these years, particularly as the kids get older, we will definitely find the time to volunteer on this holiday. Or just volunteer all year long.

I worked out at the gym last night - fortunately by myself and not with the kids. I was walking out when one of the trainers walked up to me. I had noticed a police car outside with its lights on but hadn't thought twice about it. The trainer had been talking to the woman walking ahead of me, but I hadn't heard what he said.

The trainer asked if I was parked on the right side of the building (which I was). He then mentioned that someone had just been robbed over there at gunpoint and to be careful. My neighborhood isn't the best - but it is relatively safe. So this was a bit shocking. There have been break-ins at the gym, but never a mugging (that I knew of).

But the delicious irony for me is the meaning of yesterday as a national holiday. I find it sad and ironic that the thief choose yesterday of all days to make their move.

We still have a long way to go to truly honor all of Rev. King's dreams.

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Freckle Face Girl said...

Unfortunately, the economy seems to be driving people into committing more violent crimes. I often find it sad that streets names after MLK are often the most violent. He was such a wonderful role model, but his true message seems to get lost.