Thursday, November 6, 2008


I am having the worst time trying to concentrate and get down to business.

It was happening before the election - I suppose I was hoping that now that the election is over, maybe I can start focusing again.

If anyone has any tips on fighting procrastination - I'm all ears. Everything seems to be more interesting than what I'm supposed to be working on.

Even my usual tip - as long as you're working on something you have to, doesn't matter what it is - isn't helping.


Freckle Face Girl said...

Me, so I'm no help. Sorry! There are just certain times during the year that it takes an impending deadline for me to get anything accomplished. Even then I have to FORCE myself.

flygirl said...

I have no tips either, I am the queen of procrastination. It usually takes immense pressure, maybe threats of impending doom for me to accomplish undesirable tasks. Or extreme boredom, which rarely happens.

Anonymous said...

I'm such a procrastinator. Ugh. I'm convinced it's because we're asked to do such dead-boring work from day to day.

Normally, to combat my bad habits, I force myself to shut the internet entirely for an hour at a time and JUST FORCE MYSELF to do something. It's a teeth-gritting exercise, for sure. But I also find that after a few minutes, I get into a rhythm of a task and then want to finish it.

Then I open the internet again and have at it. ;-)

- wry

Aerin said...

These are all great suggestions and support - thanks! It's nice to know I'm not the only one.