Sunday, September 28, 2008

First names, Princesses and Story time...

We're here, at a little over three years, and things are feeling back to normal. Each year, things feel like they are getting back to normal - at least, as much of "normal" as they can be. So my friends who do not have children who wonder something of what it's like - for us, the first three months were very difficult. Each month or year afterward, it just gets easier and easier for us to take time for ourselves and be more grounded as parents. Each age has a different joy and challenge, but it's all less challenging than those first three (sleepless) months.


My son, noggin, has taken to calling me by my first name. As I walked in the door from book club the other night, he ran up to me shouting "Aerin!". And I think he knows this drives me a little batty. It's a difficult distinction for a three year old - no, you call me mommy.


My daughter, goose, is well on her way to becoming a princess. In fact, this is what she told me she wanted to be when she grew up.

(Let me say, before you say it, I hear you out there people! I'm not thrilled about this princess obsession either. In fact, when I was thinking about becoming a mother - this was not on my list of things I was going to promote for my potential daughter. I cannot say that strongly enough.

It was going to be strong women role models. Jane Austen dolls. Much like a teacher who knows cell phones will now be part of their classroom - I just try to create boundaries and other interests. Oh, and at the end of the fairy tales I talk about how they all went to college, started businesses, helped the less fortunate people in their kingdom(s), researched the next discovery in science - that one's new, I'll need to mention that next time. Who knows if it will sink in.)

Needless to say, I explained to her that there were all sorts of things she could be when she grew up. I went through various people in our lives and what they do for a living. So and so who is a lawyer. Person x who works in a nursery (sells trees and bedding plants). Person y who is an engineer. Person z who is an accountant. Person v who is a professor. Person u who is a librarian. Mom who clicks on a computer all day.

In the end, she said she wanted to click on the computer all day like I do. I'm flattered.


I have finally given up on story time. *I* loved story time. I would sit and patiently listen to books about rain and puppy dogs. I would do the open/shut them hand games. Sometimes one (or both) of my children would sit and listen (not run around or stand directly in front of the librarian). Most of the time though, recently, they would stack the blocks in the puzzles or play with the lego wall. I have decided that it's too distracting for the other kids. The ones who are on the fence, they want to sit and listen, but they also want to run and play. It's hard for their parents to say "sit and listen, give it a try" when my two are going everywhere. So, we're taking some time off for now.

For the record, they do really well when I'm reading just to them. They sat through "Dr. Seuss' sleep book" (the entire book) the other night.


Freckle Face Girl said...

I agree, with babies it gets easier about every 3 months. After 12 months, I think it is every 6 months. I would imagine by age 4 it moves to every year.

I know twins are difficult, but sometimes I wonder if it is easier moving through the stages at once (after the first 6 months of course). It is hard passing a stage with one & then having a smaller one starting all over.

Aerin said...

Thanks FFG. Sorry it's taken me so long to respond. I think you're right - the only difference I can see, with two, it's been hard to stop and appreciate each stage. I feel like a chicken with my head cut off, it's been hard to stop and figure out where we are and where we're going. Perhaps that's just the nature of parenting toddlers.

Anonymous said...

Some kids do much, much better at story time than others. And I wouldn't worry--you're reading to your kids, they're seeing you reading, there are books around the house--they'll be fine. And I think the princess thing is often a stage.