Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our yard

Our herb garden. Note the oregano in the upper right hand corner - it's taken over the garden. It did survive the winter - I'm not sure why it's thriving, but it is.

We have a ton of these - black eyed susans. The person who lived here before us was a true gardener - each year many "volunteers" grow in our backyard.

Here's a close up of one.

And this, dear readers - is where lightening struck our home a few weeks ago. There was a strong storm that woke me up (which is VERY rare). It felt like the storm was right on top of us. A few weeks later, my husband pointed this out - it wouldn't surprise me that lightening had struck us.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures.

Storms scare the bejeebus right out of me. A friend of mine was showering during a storm. Lightning hit the water tower in their neighborhood. He said it felt like his whole body got hit by a ton of bricks. His mom helped him out of the shower. He survived, amazingly.