Friday, May 30, 2008

Excitement for Laundry

Mommy - Your toes are red!

I painted my toenails (sandal weather) the other night after the kids had gone to bed. When Goose (my daughter) noticed the next day, she exclaimed "Mommy, your toes are red!". I explained that I had put nail polish on my toenails.

Then, three or four hours later, she said "Mommy, your toes are STILL red!" It was pretty cute.



I do most of the laundry in my house. My husband can do laundry and has done it in the past. But I have a definite idea of when the laundry needs to be done and which clothes need to be put in the dryer, etc. It's one of those things that I want to maintain control of. We each have our talents and quirks.

I brought a basket of clothes upstairs to sort the other night. In discussing this with Goose, I told her that someday, she'll get to do laundry too. She exclaimed "I get to do LAUNDRY!" She was very excited. I told her yes, she'll get to do laundry and her brother (Noggin) would too!

She was still very excited by the notion - the same as if I had said someday she would get to go to the zoo or eat ice cream.


The wheels are turning

I mentioned a few weeks ago here that Goose and Noggin are definitely watching and listening to what my husband and I say. I'll admit to being lax in discussing things I think are over their heads (including stories or comments about their behavior).

We were out to dinner last night with my father in law. It was a nice meal. I told him the story of our last visit to the library.

We had taken Noggin's current favorite engine, Stepney, into the building (I didn't want to argue about it). We had wandered around, checked out books and got on the elevator to leave. All of a sudden, Noggin said "Stepney!!" He started to cry - and we walked back into the room. Fortunately, there was Stepney, resting at the first small table my son had stopped at.

While I told this story to my father in law, Noggin was looking right at me. In the past, Goose and Noggin usually are in their own world and don't seem to pay attention. Yesterday though, I could tell that wheels were turning - he heard his name (perhaps it was the fact Stepney was mentioned) but I realized that he knew exactly what (and who) I was talking about.

In other words, I need to be more cautious about what I say around other adults, complaining and asking for advice.


C. L. Hanson said...

So cute!!!

Since it's getting to be summer, I put on a sundress. It was the first time in a long time that I'd put on a skirt, and Leo was all surprised and exicted since you can spin a skirt! :D

Anonymous said...

Anytime Goose wants to do laundry, there is plenty at my place, so just send her over ;)