Tuesday, March 25, 2008


We received an accident report from preschool last week. My son, noggin, was riding a three wheel trike down the hill in the playground. He hit a bump and went flying over the handlebars. The teacher was there to give him first aid. He had a bump on his head and his nose was scratched up.

His comment about the incident? I fell off the rails like Thomas. I heard this second hand, he may have used the term "derailed like Thomas".

I have very active, independent children. They are climbers. Honestly, it's a matter of pride for me. I was also a climber - I remember climbing trees often as a child. My husband's grandfather was talking the other day about how he had climbed trees when he was young - and my dad was talking about climbing into the upper kitchen cabinets. So my two come by it very honestly.


When you play in the dirt, you get dirty

The weather is warm enough that we can play outside. Everyone is grateful for this. The ground is still pretty cold, and nothing is growing yet. I have been raking the last few leaves and pulling up the hardy weeds.

My daughter was playing with the dirt in one of the flower beds. I couldn't tell if she was trying to pull up weeds or just moving the dirt around. At two, it's difficult to say!

At some point, she realized that she had dirt on her hands. She would hold her hands in front of her, saying "Mommy! My hands are dirty!" I brought out a wet towel to wipe off her hands (she proceeded to go straight back to digging in the dirt, by the way).

I mentioned to her that it's a fact of life, when you play in the dirt, you get dirty. Funny how at two, these "facts" are still so new. No doubt it will take more experimentation for her to be comfortable with this cause and effect statement.


laura said...

My mom says that when I was not much older than goose and noggin I said to my parents one night, "I climb on the chair, and I climb on the table, and I can reach things!" She said they stood around marveling that their child had mastered compound sentences. . . and then they moved the chair and the table.

Aerin said...

ha! That's hysterical. So moving the chairs worked??!?

laura said...

Well, I'm still here, so I guess so. :-)