Saturday, August 4, 2007

There are a lot of good people in this world

I guess today is one of those glass is half full type of days.

Maybe it's because today is the birthday of a close friend of mine. Someone who works hard to be healthy herself, but also help others. Despite working full time and going to grad school part time, she works with young women at a local juvenile center. She's honest and authentic, and I typically don't share those compliments lightly. She is an amazing person and I feel lucky that she's my friend.

Maybe it's because I went to my husband's family reunion today. Unlike my family, his family stayed in the same general area. So my husband's great grandmother's family has a reunion in the same local park each year the first weekend in August. And I think this has been around for at least 80 years or more. I was chasing two year olds, but I glanced over a shoulder of someone looking at photographs of people. At the same park, but 80 to 100 years ago. It gives one a tremendous sense of place and pause.

My husband's aunt has just spent three weeks with her mother after back surgery. I will spare the readers of this blog the details - but from everything I can understand, it's difficult to deal with aging parents. There seem to be many emotional hurdles - for the children and parents alike. I can't imagine doing that - and yet I would if I needed to.

So many people I know will do what they have to do. Whatever it takes to help themselves, their children, friends or family. While it's hard to say exactly what the "right" thing is, they tend to do just that, day in and day out.

Sure, there are many of the other kind of people. And some people who do bad things without realizing it - causing harm. But I discuss those types of situations much too frequently on this blog.

I'm just feeling overly positive. I feel like we have a lot of challenges, but we can do it. We disagree about a lot of things. As long as people are taking care of themselves, their children or doing the best they can, that's all you can ask.


Freckle Face Girl said...

It is great to be surrounded by wonderful people (family & friends). The world looks like a better place.

Anonymous said...

Thanks FFG! It's true! Glad that you got your PC/internet connection up and running.