Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Things that make me smile:

1 - Iced coffee

I love drinking iced coffee in the summer. I don't pay the $4 plus for the iced mocha latte - I just put ice in a larger coffee cup, pour coffee and add skim milk.

2 - Splashing around in the kiddie pool with my kids

Our kiddie pool might have sprung lots of leaks, but it still holds some water.

My son was creating huge splashes by jumping up and down - landing on his rear. I think the diaper helps protect some of the potential pain in that endeavor.

3 - Fresh tomatoes

We were able to grow tomatoes in our garden this year. Some plants are producing more than others - but there's nothing quite like a tomato straight from the garden.

4 - this blog and its readers

You are great people! It's nice not to be typing into a vacuum!

5 - Dilbert

I still love this comic strip. When I was in high school, working at the library, the librarians used to tell me it was funny - I didn't get it. I now work in and office - and I get it. My cube wall is decorated with cut out comics that were particularly relevant at some point in my career.

6 - Sam Adams light beer and Edy's slow churned light ice cream

I'm glad to have found them both. The light ice cream tastes like regular ice cream, but has half the fat and a third of the calories. I love ice cream (I'll even eat it in the winter) so it's great to have something that makes me feel less guilty.

The Sam Adams brand beer tastes pretty good for light beer, and is definitely better than other types of light beer that I've tried. Popular American brands of light beer taste really watered down. I'll drink them, but they're not my first choice.

7 - I can wear sandals to work in the summer

This may not be a big deal to others, but I do know people who aren't able to wear sandals to work. They are so much more comfortable for me. I particularly like not having to wear nylons in the summer.

8 - Spell check

This was a wonderful invention. I never was very good at spelling. Spell check isn't infallible - but it is very helpful for those of us who forget the i after e rule. Now what I need is a better grammar check than the one built into Word.


Freckle Face Girl said...

I agree, especially with #2. There is nothing quite like it on a hot day.

JulieOShields said...

I love spell check, and couldn't live without it! If you don't already have it, go to and you can have spell check on what ever you type! I love that.
I have not yet become a big fan of iced coffee, but was thinking about it just before I read your post. I would have to add some syrup of some kind and the milk before I could drink it.
I loved reading your happy thoughts. They made me happy :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks FFG.

Thanks Julie - and welcome!