Saturday, August 22, 2015

What I miss

I don't miss a great deal about being married.  Is that heresy?

It seems like there is a lot of societal pressure to get married, to stay married, to be part of a couple (particularly for women).

These are some of the things I miss.

-Seeing my kids every day
It's not really part of marriage, but because their dad and I lived in the same home, I saw my kids every day.  Now that's not the reality.

-Changing light bulbs
As someone who is relatively short, it was nice to have someone taller around to be able to reach the light fixtures.

-Being able to easily drop my car off for service
It's a lot less complicated when you have two adult drivers.  I can drop my car off now, it's simply takes more effort and coordination.

-Comparing notes about my day
When you live with someone, it's nice to compare days and to support one another (daily).  I have lots of friends but it's not the same as having someone physically there.

-Having someone who could attend work events, etc. with me
It's a bit awkward at typical couples' events to be there by myself.  On the other hand, it's nice to only have to entertain myself, and not other people.

-Taking the babysitter home
It's a longer process to return home, pick up the kids and babysitter, take the babysitter home and then return home myself.

My former partner and I get along, so we're flexible when one of us is sick, needs to watch the kids, etc.

I know many divorced parents don't have that option.

Perhaps what's more strange is there isn't more that I miss.  Like anything, marriage has its advantages and disadvantages.

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Freckle Face Girl said...

I guess I have been out of the blogging loop. I just read your post and enjoyed it. There are many things I like about being single. The things I miss are things that men tend to take care of like getting things out of the attic, carrying heavy things, and home repairs. I also miss sharing the burden of problems with someone else. That last one only happens when I am dealing with something that I don't really have a clear opinion about. Like a few years ago when the transmission on my vehicle went out right after I paid for it. I didn't have money to repair it, but I didn't want car payments again. I moped around my house for a few days before I went and got a new car. I wanted someone to share in the burden of the decision making process. Mostly, this single life is fine or even good. Hope you are enjoying it too.