Thursday, December 6, 2012

Self care

I read this post this other day, and despite no longer being an active mormon, I can relate.  I too would not make it through the holiday season without boundaries.  There is simply a lot to do.   And I prioritize what I do. 

And - I don't do busy work during the holidays to make the holidays the best ever for people around me (which I used to try to do). 

I have a habit of trying to do too much in order to ignore whatever is going on around me (and the holidays are a great excuse for this).  Trying to please others constantly is usually a recipe for disaster.  Being kind to other people, being other-focused are fine; but focusing on my feelings and needs are important. 

Some things that have helped me during the holiday:

-I try to work out regularly and plan time to work out
-I make sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables (it's easy to try to get one's kids to eat veggies, it's much harder to remember to eat them yourself).
-I try to sit underneath one of those SAD lights on a regular basis
-I take fish oil and vitamin D
-I don't go overboard with baking

I'm mentioned it before, I wasn't really taught how to do all this stuff growing up. I was taught how to bake, wasn't necessarily taught to say no if someone asked me to do something. 

I agree with the "be the change you want to see in the world" philosophy.   So I have to take care of myself first, be aware of my own needs, and then reach out to others.  I focus on the present and what's going on now instead of outcomes. 

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Freckle Face Girl said...

There are a lot of selfish people in the world, so the message of serving others is a great one. However, those of us who are sensitive to others seem to be the ones who listen to these messages. We try to do too much and have to remember to schedule downtime and take care of ourselves. This time of year always has me stressed out & my stomach in knots. This post is a good reminder. Thanks!