Thursday, December 27, 2012

Holiday recap

Card Wreath 2012
I have a post about the school shooting, but I wanted to give an update on the holidays.

They have been very peaceful.  I made this card wreath from old Christmas/Holiday cards. 

I baked - a lot. I also made an awesome spicy potato salad.  My kids went rock climbing for the first time.  Many video games were played. 

The only downside was that the sugar cookies I made did not turn out and we ran out of butter to make more.  Everything else went swimmingly. 

Oh, and going to a big box store on the afternoon of Dec. 24th was insane.  Everyone else was there at the same time.

Hope everyone had a peaceful holiday!  I know it's a bittersweet season for many of my friends who've lost loved ones this year. I'm thinking of you.

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