Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fall Break

Maple leaves 2012
For the last two weeks  the kids have been on fall break; otherwise known as a time for rest and rejuvenation for the parents.  We are very fortunate that my in laws have been hanging out with the kids for most of that time (because I couldn't take two weeks off of work).

My husband and I spent the first week eating at restaurants we choose not to go to with the kids.  The restaurants include Peruvian, Belgian and relatively authentic Mexican.  Also doing chores that are much simpler without kids running around. 

I miss my kids, but the past few months have been incredibly, intensely busy.  And this situation is a win/win - my in laws get to spend quality time with their grandchildren, and I get some time off.

I wish all parents had this opportunity - I know quite a few parents who are tired and could use some time to themselves. They need time where they don't have to answer seven billion questions or argue about eating food or going to bed on time.  I love being a mom - but it can be exhausting.

For me, it also helps put things into perspective.  The past seven years have gone by quickly.  Everyone says that, but I've found it's true.  I suspect the next seven years will go by just as quickly - and my kids will be fourteen.  It's just as important (as always) to focus on the present and what I want to teach them now - developing a strong parent/child relationship now.   

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