Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mom, Can I...

Sometimes I love overhearing parents talking to their kids. 

The other day we were at the gym, sitting near some vending machines.  Each time I walk past these machines with my kids, we have a conversation about it.  One or both will ask me for something.  There's even an elaborate conversation about it, sometimes with an offer to "pay me back" for whatever they decide to purchase.

Anyway, it was great when I heard a mom walk by with her kids, and I heard the same conversation.  The kids asking (almost whining) for something from the vending machine.  The conversation went like this: "No, not today." 
"Come on Mom, please?" 
"No, come on, let's keep going".  Not angry or frustrated, just a calm response. 

It just feels like reinforcement as a parent, to realize that every parent answers these questions.  Every parent of young children may have these conversations on a daily basis.   

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