Saturday, July 16, 2011

Time Constraints, Blogging and Miscellany

Recently I've been engaging in introspection about this blog; what I want to say, what I want to say publicly. Not that I ever had much of a filter.  But now I have some fairly legitimate constraints on my time, including handwriting (on paper) potential blog entries.  Note the attached example. 

handwritten post
I am not near a computer during the time when I have a moment to think about what to write.  Or near a personal computer.  So pen and paper it is, how I learned to write and turn in papers.  The time impact is a more significant filter of sorts; I've never intended to have a theme blog; writing primarily about working in IT, being a mom, being a former mormon woman, politics, boundaries and mental health issues, relationships, living in the midwest, etc.

So I'm navel-gazing, setting goals and prioritizing.  I appreciate my handful of readers who have stuck with this blog over the years.  Before time became a constraint, I'd always write about what I felt like, without thinking too hard about it.  I refuse to spend too much time analyzing my purpose here.

All this is to say, you'll probably see very similar content from me, only less often.  There is still quite a lot going on in my life, just not so much that I have the time and inclination to discuss here.  I know I'm friends with some of my long term readers on a certain social networking site (despite it's popularity, I refuse to promote it, it can pay for that itself ).   I'm always happy to chat about what's going on, specifics that I'm not comfortable sharing here.  This is an open invite to that social networking site, by the way.  

Here are some posts I thought about writing and haven't had the chance to.  
Zinnia from the garden

*This Zinnia I grew from a seed
*The recipe for a Greek salad that I make
*Going swimming with my kids
*Cleaning my house to the Book of Mormon musical
*Up in the Air, the book vs. the movie (I preferred the book, hands down)
*Still love Sinead O'Connor
*Discussing shaving my head with my kids (they were not amused)


Kathryn said...

Ok, now I'm intrigued, and I really want to see a post on this last item!

Aerin said...

My husband is playing a video game where one of the female characters has their head shaved. The kids were wondering if the character was male or female - I brought up that women can have shaved heads. Then, I mentioned that I could shave my head (to tease them, sort of).

They were shocked and made many comments about it - including "then you wouldn't be pretty". I said "Women don't have to always be pretty". I think that threw everyone through a loop.

laura said...

Hee hee. And good for you.