Monday, March 15, 2010

Sowing one's wild oats

***gross out warning for people who are easily grossed out***

This morning as I walked into the kitchen, I noticed it was a bit breezy.  Due to the time change, I was feeling even less "with it" than usual - so it didn't completely register.  Later, I noticed that at least one of the cats had thrown up, and thrown up grass. 

Our cats became indoor cats when we moved to the house we live in now. Our street is just a bit busier; and cats are supposed to live longer when they are indoors all the time.  Our cats do not agree with this arrangement. 

In the summer months, one of our cats will stand up with both paws on the screen door and whine.  Some days I think he really thinks he's a dog, or at least, not a cat.

So as soon as I saw the grass this morning, I knew what had happened.  Because it's what inevitably happens when the cats go outside.  They sneak out, and they eat some of the plants from our yard.  Then, the plants don't sit well with them and they get sick. 

It's a pretty consistent cycle.

I wish that they were more in tune with their needs and consequences of their actions.  They *are* cats, however, so my expectations might be too high.

The only vague moral to this post is just that sometimes we think we really want something, but no matter how much we want it, the truth is- it may still make us sick.  The wanting doesn't make it easier to digest in the end. 

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laura said...

My mother and grandmother both have these plants that the cats just love to eat, and it's exactly the same pattern--eat the plant, puke, eat the plant, puke. Silly silly silly.