Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm so glad you finally made it here

Have I mentioned before how much I like Dar Williams? here  February and here why cranberry?

I've been thinking of this song recently, which I think is an awesome, inspiring song.

Well, I was going to post a video - but none of them really fit my impression of the song. So please feel free to search on google or youtube for this song...

Here is an excerpt from the lyrics:
You're Aging Well

Why is it that as we grow older and stronger
The road signs point us adrift and make us afraid
Saying "You never can win," "Watch your back," "Where's your husband?"
I don't like the signs that the sign makers made

So I'm going to steal out with my paint and brushes I'll change the directions, I'll hit every street
It's the Tinseltown scandal, the Robin Hood vandal
She goes out and steals the King's English
And in the morning you wake up and the signs point to you

They say, "I'm so glad that you finally made it here
You thought nobody cared, but I did, I could tell"
And, "This is your year," and "It always starts here" And "You're aging well"

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