Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Geese and Ducks

I hit some sort of goose or duck the other morning driving to work. I didn't mean to - all of a sudden, it had flown out in front of my car. I could see parts of the brown wing and then it was gone.

Today, I saw a family of ducks at lunch. No little ones, yet. Just two ducks trying to build a nest in my company's parking lot.

So many ducks and geese seem to be nesting currently. Some (of the drakes? - the fathers) get rather possessive and violent when humans encroach on their nests.

But without natural predators (except humans), some of these species just continue to grow. And some become a nuisance.

I don't have anything particularly profound to observe about this. Simply that, I don't look at these types of animals in the same way anymore.

I wish them full lives - and I wonder if there really are enough resources for all of them. Some (I believe) were introduced into our area (they are not originally from here). We can't divorce ourselves from the ecosystem, but it doesn't seem like we can deny our impact on such species either.

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