Sunday, March 1, 2009

Princesses don't do much

So as I've mentioned before, my daughter loves princesses. It's just a factor of our lives at this point.

Before my kids go to sleep each night, we talk about what they will think about. My son thinks about Thomas. (That hasn't changed in the past two years). Sometimes I'll ask him if he wants to think about another engine; Harvey, Gordon, Rosie or Percy. Nope, he wants to think about Thomas. I'm fine with that - as long as he goes to sleep.

I would ask my daughter which princess she wanted to think about. Usually she has a list of princesses. Some of the princesses are the ones I grew up with - the ones that passively wait for their prince to rescue them.

The other night, she said she wasn't thinking about princesses, she was thinking about ballerinas. I asked her why. She said that princesses don't do much. For some of those princesses I grew up with, I agree!

PS. I know that there are now some princesses that actually do things - like Mulan, Fiona (from Shrek) or Giselle (from Enchanted). Some who are well-read, etc. I'm still waiting for an African princess (or African American).

But I'm happy to encourage a diversion to characters/women who do things.


C. L. Hanson said...

As disturbing as this is, sharing the type of stories you like with her will have its effect. When I was little, I wanted to be a princess rescued by a prince, too, and I have plenty of pictures of the tiny me dressed up as a princess. But the fact that you like reading yourself (and that you have an array of beloved books that you can enthusiastically share with her) will have a big influence in the long run.

Freckle Face Girl said...

I have also been wondering when Disney will do an African Princess. I am sure there are some wonderful legends or historical women they can model their story after.

My daughter loves princesses too. Perhaps, it isn't so bad for girls to think about waiting for the perfect man, who will do anything for them (as long as they are not just sitting there helplessly). :)

Aerin said...

Thanks chanson. For me, it's a balance between saying no to something she is very interested in. It's something prevalent within her peer group as well - so I don't want to squash that. But I agree the more options and opinions, the better. So far, she's been doing great.

FFG - I think they're doing a princess from New Orleans who may be African American as a part of the frog princess? I could be mistaken. The helpless thing is what drives me crazy - hopefully I will also live my own life as an example and introduce her to lots of women (and men) who take the initiative.