Sunday, March 8, 2009

Drum lessons

Children are really fascinating. Even with all the research that has been done, I sometimes talk to moms who find it hard to accept that one child is at one place, while another child is at another place. For example, my daughter is an amazing artist. Honestly - I will post one of her drawings - I can't believe they come from a three and a half year old. Granted, I will admit my bias.

My son likes to draw, but he's more indifferent. And why not? Why do we all have to like things equally, even as children? It doesn't make sense.

We've been taking laid back drum lessons mentioned to us by friends. In other words, not formal lessons at a local community center. The lessons consist of a teacher playing an african drum, and the kids can join the drum circle or run around. This is the perfect type of arrangement for three year olds, by the way.

My son has taken to drum lessons like a duck to water. He's great. He can actually pay attention for thirty minutes, drum when he's supposed to, not drum during other people's solos. His enthusiasm for the drumming is pretty awe inspiring.
My daughter will drum as well. Her attention span is much shorter - around five minutes. Then she runs around or plays with the toys in the other room.
I suppose with twins it is more obvious, it's easier to compare or not compare them. To give them each their own interests and space. I just find it amazing when parents try to force each of their children to be the same, to have the same interests in the same amount. It simply doesn't seem to be possible.


Anonymous said...

i always scold myself for making comparisons in my mind between E and other kids when i take her to story time at the library or just hang out with other toddlers we know. it's such a weird impulse and totally counter-productive, i know. i can imagine that there would be even more temptation to make those kinds of comparisons with twins or more than one kid of your own.

Anonymous said...

I find it hard not to compare one child with another, whether it is my child and a peer or sibling, yet I don't know why I do. They are all different, but sometimes it is reassuring to know that what they are doing is somewhere within the realm of normal!

Anonymous said...

Very cool that you are letting your kids get involved with something like this. It's not for 3 year olds, but have you seen The Visitor (2007 movie)? It's got some great scenes that revolve around drums.