Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dieting in January

Mornings like this morning make me wonder why people start their diets in January - and then get discouraged.

Not that I'm not fully supportive of people trying to get (and stay) healthy and lose weight. Particularly if people are like me and didn't find a cookie/brownie/cake they didn't have to try over the holiday season.

But this morning, it was cold. I'm not someone who typically complains about the weather, but I have to admit, it was chilly. And those of you in colder climates (north or near the Rockies) have been experiencing this for months now. (And it's been worse, no doubt).

So when the temperature is sub zero - it seems to me it's much more difficult to eat salad. It's much more difficult to eat smaller portions. Because if you are cold, it's that much more difficult to get over that instinctual notion that body fat protects
you and will help you be warmer. Or - more food will help keep you warm. That's been my experience any way.

Sure there are plenty of low fat/calorie things that are actually good for you. Oatmeal. Non cream based soups.

And it's even more difficult to get out and walk around the block (if there is snow or ice out). Or drive to the gym. Well, IMO, more difficult than in, say, March or April. Where I'm at - March and April arebeginning to get warmer. The snow melts. There are more greens - it's not nearly as cold.

I understand it's a new year. I understand waking up and realizing - another year has gone by and I haven't worked on this. I can understand wanting to maintain your current weight. But losing weight? A difficult proposition in Jan. if you don't live in Florida, Arizona, California or Southern France.

Now - quitting smoking this time of year - that makes more sense. Standing outside has got to be really, really cold. And - the taxes on cigarettes just went up. That is probably an easier resolution to keep.

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Freckle Face Girl said...

Good point! After living in Florida for 10 years, I am a HUGE winter weakling. When the highs here only get into the 40s (rare), I want to hide out all day & going to the gym is out of the question. Maybe that is why I was never interested in smoking. :)