Sunday, December 7, 2008


The best part of youtube is I can search for my favorite artists and find videos. Of course, I'm a singer/songwriter fan - so sometimes people look a bit odd singing in videos. Since it's the holidays, I wanted to share some of my favorite artists with you. Yeah, all of these artists have been around for awhile, but I still like 'em.

First is Rose Polenzani. This video has her tuning for the first bit.

I've heard a faster tempo version of this song which I prefer from Voices on the Verge.

I also love Leonard Cohen's work. This is Rufus Wainwright singing "Hallelujah". I must have been listening to this song too much - my son noggin has been walking around attempting to sing "Hallelujah". (I know his head is moving around a lot in this version, I think he's just passionate about the song).

My favorite quote from this song "and all I ever learned from love was how to shoot at someone who outdrew ya."

Here's another classic from Leonard - "The War". I think this is off of "New Skin for the Old Ceremony".

Anthem - this is not the best film quality ever - looks like someone was at a show and recorded it. Still a great song.

In an interview, I heard Leonard Cohen say that he spends months during the year with a buddhist monk. I'd say it's pretty obvious.

Third is Liz Phair live. "Exile in Guyville" is a great album and one of my all time favorites. Warning for those reading from work - there is some language - this video has the c and f words. I was looking for gunshy, but couldn't find a copy of a video online.

Thanks - I may share other artists...I still am based mostly in cd's and albums. I'll move to mp3s one of these days...


Rebecca said...

Have you heard Brandi Carlile's version of Hallelujah? IT. IS. AWESOME. I mean, I love Rufus Wainwright, but Brandi Carlile hits it out of the park. And out of the atmosphere.

Aerin said...

I will check that out - thanks Rebecca.

Anonymous said...

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