Monday, May 5, 2008


We've been getting quite a few pieces of political mail recently.

It's always been a trickle, but it's getting rather annoying.

Of course we recycle it all.

Still, I started thinking. Why can't some fellow enlightened voters get on some sort of "Do not mail" list? I would happily go online and sign up for this. I would even be willing to sign up on a website for each individual politician running for office. They would (of course) not be able to sell the addresses.

I am that serious about not wanting this junk mail. It would be an "opt out" option.

As in, I am following the issues of this election.

I know what your position are before I enter the voting booth. I know what your background and experience is.

That mailer - the one with you surrounded by children or at a campaign rally?

It's not going to sway my decision. Why not save your money and the environment?


laura said...

Bonus to moving to Wyoming: I got exactly two pieces of election-related junk mail. Quite a change after Iowa.

You know, I'm very sympathetic to the idea of a political do-not-mail list in terms of saving the environment, but there's another side of me that wonders about opting out of political speech. Try handing out fliers at a mall (for a politician, against a proposed ordinance, for a cause, whatever). You'll get escorted out by mall security very quickly. I worry that the more we create "public" spaces that are actually private, the more we limit the things that are supposed to make democracy work.

That said, if there were an opt-out-of-campaign-mailings list, I'd sign up. Ah, hypocrisy! :-)

Anonymous said...

I got a recorded voicemail from a local politician recently. At the beginning of the message, he noted that he was starting a "do not call" list for his campaign and that it was accessible at his website. I don't think his list yet extends to mailers. But hopefully he's a trendsetter!

Aerin said...

Hey Laura - thanks. I understand what you're saying. I don't mean to stop the political process - or create more "private" spaces. The burden would be on the individual to actively sign up for these lists, and it wouldn't be a one stop process. I just question where some fliers end up. I don't have a better answer about how to foster communication or change opinions though.

NN - I certainly hope so - that it was the beginning of change.

Freckle Face Girl said...

Great Point!