Monday, August 20, 2007

I'm still here

Things have just been really crazy. At least crazier than usual. Including:

1 - My brother in law is in town. I love hanging out with him, but he's staying in our computer room. A babysitter came over the other night and watched the twins while my husband, his brother and I all went out. It was a good time - and, the babysitter actually loaded the dishwasher! She's a keeper.

2 - Work has gotten busy again. Things typically get busy for around six weeks twice a year. Well - we're in the six weeks again. And I really should work instead of blog.

3 - My two year olds are starting pre-school in two weeks. It's just a one day a week mother/father's day out program. But we've had to make sure they had the right shots, etc.

4 - We had the dinner from hell the other night. I will blog about it at some point, but let's just say, eighteen people, at a state park lodge that was rumored to be a buffet (but was not and had a new menu the cooks were obviously not familiar with), two people over 85 and two two year olds, some random tension between the families due to divorce and other people trying to hide things their children did (as if anyone cares what your adult son does!!?! at least he's working and living on his own. Not everyone is so successful). Oh - and did I mention we waited two and a half hours and one cousin never got his food? I think it's safe to call it the dinner from hell.

5 - After all this random stress, I had two bad dreams last night - one which woke me up and typically I sleep pretty well. One involved a dinner with rabbits - eating rabbits and also having rabbit skin on the table - it was odd, very disturbing (and not surprising after such a bad restaurant experience).

So who knows how regularly I'll post - just wanted to drop in and say hi.

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Freckle Face Girl said...

Sounds like you need a break. Hope things calm down soon.