Wednesday, December 6, 2006

The Dreaded Holiday Pitch in

Call me a scrooge. Tell me I have no willpower. Consider me weak willed.

But I have to protest the holiday pitch in.

I think one pitch in would be easier. At least, if there were only one pitch in, everyone could bring in their cookies, cakes, fudge and it would only be out for one day.

My company has a lovely tradition of the twelve days of christmas. So the pitch in is not one day, but 12 business days. Twelve business days of holiday desserts out for everyone's dining pleasure.

At one point, it was acceptable to bring in fare for the weight conscious. Veggies and dip or at least mixed nuts. No longer.

This year it's a season of everyone's favorite family receipe(s).
I'll fess up to it. I have no willpower. If cookies, cakes, pie are out, I'll probably eat them. Having just one piece, or a half piece is unlikely. Especially the homemade desserts filled with trans fat goodness.

My pleas continue to fall on deaf ears. I'm considered a spoilsport.

Yes, your sugar cookies/peppermint bark/black forest cake taste wonderful.

I just hate stepping on the scale after Dec. 25th.

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